Travel Permit (Renfrew Minor Hockey)

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  • A travel permit is required when.
    • A team wishes to enter a tournament to be held outside ODMHA boundaries.
    • A team wishes to play an exhibition game and the game will take place outside the ODMHA boundaries. That is the USA, Quebec, or another Hockey Canada Branch.
    • No travel permits are necessary when playing a team within our branch.
  • All such trips must be approved by the appropriate ODMHA District Chairperson or his delegate. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a suspension of the team officials.
  • The coach is responsible to inform the District Chairperson of any changes to the team's official roster that was in the approved Travel Permit at least 48 hours prior to travel.
  • Upon the team’s return a copy of the game sheets must be provided with the travel permit to the district 5 Chair. All suspensions must be documented and forwarded to the RMHA – President. Suspensions must be served.
1. Visit HEO Forms area for the Travel Permit. or access it here:


2.Send completed form to 
[email protected] for their signature.   President will also obtain the District Chair signature.

3. Once all signed and completed President will send final copy back to requestor.