Tournament Rules (Renfrew Minor Hockey)

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All games are played under the HEO and UOVMHL rules, with the following 
1. RMHA will NOT be responsible for accidents, or injuries to players, team officials, or spectators either 
before, during or after games.
2. The Tournament Executive reserves the right to address all teams in their respective dressing rooms
before games to emphasize the Tournament Playing rules, Tournament conduct and sportsmanship, and 
to answer questions regarding the tournament, provided they are requested in a polite and courteous 
3. Each team will supply an approved roster an approved Travel Permit to the Tournament prior 
to their first game. We will be using electronic gamesheets. Please register your team rosters on 
Gamesheets using the link that was emailed to you.
4. Each team must vacate the dressing room within 25 minutes after the game. 
5. The cost of any damage to the dressing room or the facility will be billed to the teams association. 
6. All teams will be responsible for the storage of their equipment. Sometimes we can a lot space to 
store your gear please ask your tournament executive.
7. Any player who receives a Fighting Major will be ineligible to play in any remaining games in the 
8. If both teams have the same color sweaters, the HOME team will change to a non conflicting colour 
Sweaters. Away should be colour and home should be white if possible.
9. No protests will be allowed and all decisions of the tournament executive will be FINAL. 
1. Tournament time schedules are most important and all preliminary round games may be curfewed 50 
2. All players and coaching staffs must be in the dressing room 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of 
each game and must be prepared to start their game a maximum of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled 
start time 
3. Gamesheets must be completed and signed by Head coach in the Tournament Committee Room prior 
to each game. This tournament will be using the GameSheet application with the use of iPads. 
4. Late signing, late start or delay in the start of the game may result in disqualification from the 
1. Ice will be flooded at the end of each game (U11, U13, U15, U18, U21)
2. All Round Robin games will consist of 3 - 10 minute Stop Time Periods 
3. All Semi Final games will consist of 3 - 10 minute Stop Time Periods 
4. No overtime in preliminary round games.
5. If a Tie exists in a Semi Final game, it will go to 5 minute running time overtime 4 on 4, then a shootout. 
6. All Championship games will consist of 3 - 10 minute Stop Time periods. 
7. If a differential of 7 goals or more exists, the time clock will become running time. If the goal 
differential drops to 3 or less, the time clock will revert to Stop Time. 
8. Length of penalties in both Stop Time and Running Time will be the same. 
9. In the Championship games only, each team will be allowed 1 - 30 second Timeout, which can be used 
at any time during the game. 
10. In Championship games only, if a tie exists at the end of regulation time, a 5 minute running time 
sudden death overtime period will be played. If a tie still exists a shoot out will be held to determine a 
11. During the 5 minute running time overtime period all player changes will take place during play. No 
player changes allowed during a stoppage in play. 
1. Each team will have a shooter shoot at the same time, and the team that scores while their opponent 
does not score will be declared the winner. 
2. If a tie still exists, then each team will choose 1 shooter each until 1 team scores and the other team 
does not. 
3. The team that scores will be declared the winner. The original shooters can not be used until all other 
players on the team have taken 1 shot. 
4. Players who are serving a penalty at the end of regulation time or an overtime period or who have 
been ejected from the game, are NOT allowed to participate in the shootout. 
Ties in the round robin standings will be broken using the following rules in the stated order: 
a) If two teams are tied the team with the higher rank will be 
1) The winner of the most games between the tied teams if applicable. (Head to Head)
2) Goal For Percentage - total goals for divided by the total goals against. GF / (GF + GA) = GF%
3) Team with fewest goals against 
4) Coin toss 
b) if three or more teams are tied in the standings the team with the higher rank will be: 
1) Goal Percentage - total goals for divided by the total goals for plus the total goals against. 
2) Team with fewest goals against 
3) Coin toss 
1. There will be 2 points awarded for a win, 1 point awarded for a tie game, and 0 points for a loss