Game Sheets (Renfrew Minor Hockey)

PrintGame Sheets

Is has been confirmed with the league that ALL game sheets are to be uploaded to the UOVMHL site only (U11+). Game sheets are NOT to be uploaded to TTM unless there is a Game Incident Report (GIR).

Managers do not need any login or special access to the league site in order to do this. It simply is a form that anyone can fill out and attach the game sheet to, and can be done on a computer or mobile device.

Simply navigate to the UOVMHL web site: and from the top menu select Managers followed by Upload Game Sheet (on a mobile device select Organization Menu first to locate the Managers menu). The menu will expand to offer the choice of uploading a Competitive or House League game sheet. Fill out the form and attach an image or PDF of the game sheet. That's it.

Full instructions are on the UOVMHL site:

Uploading to TTM: If a player or staff on your team is penalized with a Game Misconduct, Misconduct, Gross Misconduct, or Match penalty the team's manager is to submit a report including the game sheet on TTM. The official will also submit a report that will include a narrative. TTM will provide to the manager the number of games that the player/staff is to be suspended as it will calculate escalating sanctions if necessary. The only way to get this suspension information back is if the manager submits their report in TTM. If only the official submits a report, the player will still be suspended but the manager will not be told the number of games (but the manager will get an email reminder indicating that a game sheet needs their attention, which is the clue that the manager needs to submit the report on their end as well).